Whispers of natura

Kirti Kangra
1 min readJan 30, 2023

All the glitters of the sky
Those are far from us, also, high
And sparkling stars where the direction lie
And the moon, white and mystic
Whose blemish did fill with affection
Even if it’s rounded in clouds, wend on the brightest and bold
And the surge waves of the ocean
That comprises a purified flow of emotion.
And all the tall shaded trees
Bear ragged edge remain gnarled, evergreen, breeze
Stayed still with deeper roots, whose charms may never
And the flowers that grow, cherished but soft in silent
Whose smell brings the fragrance of ethereal muses?
While getting into Steeple Mountains, I wonder
How can those gents be so still and slender
Whose deadly silence is echoed there?
And permeate its roar, making terror everywhere.
The winds swayed here and there,
Losing their waves in the air
Cracking every limit, moving ahead without any fear.
Everything in nature is very eccentric and absolute
Every object is busy performing distinct tasks, assigned by
So does thee see the miracles it holds
And a thousand mysteries enrolled
For which through holy signs hast, clearly hath shown.

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