Poetry Blog of THE PHOENIX ON ICE (Book)

Kirti Kangra
2 min readJul 9, 2021

There is loneliness

Shadows floating in dreams,

Silences roaming in noise,

Closeness sharing in separation,

Sparks blooming in rain,

Don’t know what it brings

It fills you in every moment of mine

Loneliness, loneliness, loneliness

Deeper, Tenuous

However it was, it was enough for us those days are pleasant

In which both of us live.

Don’t know what those moments that are repeating,

It fills you in every moment of mine.

Its loneliness, loneliness, loneliness

What is it? What was it?

That is inside both of them, it not lost yet despite of its loss,

Is it pain? Or confusion? Or emptiness?

The rest is somewhere deep inside.

Don’t know what these moments have chosen for me,

It fills you with every moment of mine.

Loneliness, loneliness, loneliness

__ Kirti Kangra


A walk to remember
A talk to remember
The footsteps and esplanade to remember
The Queen and The Devotee to remember
A love to remember
An oversweet smile to remember
Beholders and perish leaves to remember
Unsaid hiding eyes to remember
A juncture to remember
Stepped towards me, asked, words to remember
Left-handed compliments to remember
Head over heels to remember
The gossamer, secret heart to remember
The soul memories to remember
Tensed face to remember
The disparity between tongue and words to remember
Wrong meaning to remember
Unthinkable thoughts to remember
Green and Blue colors to remember
The pen of Almighty to remember
A cup of tea, sips, laughter to remember
Dissolved care to remember

Effulgent eyes’ dullness to remember
That hard spirit smile to remember
Broken promises to remember
True dreamed journey to remember
Autumn of monarch’s absence to remember
Monarch’s presence, spring to remember

In the end what matters is you, and your belief in yourself. Be
a HUMAN in the multitude of sapiens. Be the one who
comprehends the positivity in the abyss of dejected vibes.

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